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19th June 2015 – Agents Giving Day

Agents do great things for charity on Agents Giving Day 19th June 2015.

Agents Giving Day on 19th June, was a day for the industry to come together and “do something great for charity”.  Paramount in north London brought all the fun of the fair to the office and set up games and challenges for the team. The Property Software Group, including Vebra and Jupix focussed on fashion and added a twist to dress-down-Friday by all wearing purple clothes with spots and stripes.


The aim of Agents Giving Day is to unite agents and suppliers across the UK in fundraising efforts, for a 24-hour period, bringing together to have fun and support the Agents Giving effort.

Agents also applied for a Rightmove grant to help towards the costs of setting up their fundraising event.


See what agents and suppliers got up to last year.

Peter Knight, Agents Giving Chairman, commented: “The second Agents Giving Day has been a success with agents across the country getting together and engaging in a whole range of activities.

“We raised over £5,000 for good causes and would like to thank all the agents who gave up their time to participate. We hope that a by-product of all this is to demonstrate the charitable nature of agents and look to get even more agents involved next year.”