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Do It for Dom Fundraising Team

At the end of 2017 Dom Subbiani admitted to Suzanna Mavity that he’d been diagnosed with the life changing disease Huntington’s, a degenerative disease akin to MS currently with little treatment and no cure. Suzanna was determined that we should be able to show our support and created Do It for Dom.  We set out with the intention of showing our friend Dom that he had the support not only of his friends and family, but also his peers in the industry. Dom, was pretty sure that no one would pay much attention, for as he put it ‘a little old agent from South Wales’.

With customary arrogance I knew that wasn’t going to be the case and that if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt in my two decades in this business that this industry is incredibly generous both with time and moment to a good cause and also that it supports its own.

We wanted to show that despite so many agents being put into different boxes that an individual often spans many of those and that certainly proved to be the case. With Dom being prominent in both the Fine & Country and Relocation Agent Network groups, both of these rallied in supporting our fundraising and promoted the fight against Huntington’s disease. In fact, every single one of the conferences and awards threw their support either through fundraising or giving us time on stage to raise awareness and I’d like to thank the Esta’s, Agents Giving, EA Masters and the Guild once again with Property Industry Eye and EAT giving great coverage of everything, I think that as much as anything is a tremendous testament to the industry.

On top of that we managed to over 50 volunteers to do a charity climb of Snowdon. All of this meant that our initial fundraising target of £20k was almost immediately smashed and I’m delighted to say that we’re now at £69,262, with more money rolling in day after day and we have a lot more ideas for 2019 albeit to quote Mr T “I ain’t going up no mountain again”

It often gets lost as to what all this money goes to, it was amazing to hear the charity Huntington’s Disease Association give us feedback that they were going to be able to hire 2 full time consultants because of the work done and that incredibly everyone’s input represented over a quarter of their entire fundraising for the year. So it’s amazing that its making such a real difference to people struck down with this hideous disease.

To have the year culminate with us winning the Agents Giving Fundraising Team of the Year with Dom himself in attendance couldn’t have been sweeter and although Dom did subsequently lose the award over the course of the night it was enough to show that quite a few people did care about that ‘little old agent from South Wales”.

Simon Whale