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17th Jun


Doris Dents Estates is Fundraising for “Hug on a tray” Appeal for Bexley Wing, St James Hospital

Keeley Kear of Doris Dents Estates is fundraising for “Hug on a tray” appeal for Bexley Wing St James hospital Leeds, Keeley and team are putting various events. All funds go directly to the cause please see links.


CHEVIN SOCIALITES, who make sure that all haematology patients on Bexley Wing have the means to make themselves a hot drink during their stay/visit [and free TV/internet when funds permit.] their fantastic work is purely voluntary and all money raised goes directly to the project.

Please help us “keep the kettle boiling” by donating in cash or kind or by fundraising on our behalf. A small cash donation goes a long way while tea bags get used and biscuits get eaten!!

I would just like to say how grateful we are to Keeley (Doris Dent Estates) for the wonderful support she has given us {Chevin socialites) right from the start of our ‘Hug on a Tray” campaign to provide all the Haematology patients on wards j88 and j89, along with their families and visitors with free hot and cold drinks, sweet and savoury snacks, and free tv/Internet, our provision also includes a free tea /coffee station in the out patients department. Keeley has sponsored us and promoted all that we do to help us raise funds to continue as long as possible.

The carnival day in Otley last week was just one of the events she has organised for us, along with the show in May and we are extremely grateful for the help and support that “Doris Dent Estates” provides, as are the patients on the wards in Bexley wing, St James, in Leeds. The feedback is brilliant and so much appreciated. Thank you. Lesley Noble (chevin socialites)

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