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Fran Giltinan – Foxtons

I have been working at Foxtons since 2002 and it has been an amazing journey. I started out running Recruitment and Learning and Development which meant I had the pleasure of on-boarding and training all new recruits for over ten years, ensuring that we maintained a diverse and inclusive workplace.

I am now the Director of Corporate Services and Customer Experience. Corporate Services looks after almost 5000 professionals relocating to London for work purposes every year. Customer Experience is all about the holistic view that customers have of us – it’s about how people interact with us through different channels, how we design and simplify their journeys and deliver them consistently and with quality. After 16 years, I am still learning, still developing and still having lots of fun with my colleagues.

When I’m not at Foxtons I can be found running after two toddlers on Richmond Green – eating ice cream and kicking footballs!


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