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Donate a Coat Campaign
Do you have a warm coat you don’t wear anymore?
Donate a coat to someone who needs it more than you.


While many of us look at a coat as an item that is meant to keep us warm, cozy, and stylish, there are plenty of less fortunate people who don’t even have that basic necessity.

How can you donate your coats to those in need? It’s actually really easy to give a coat to someone who could desperately use it.  It is basically a no-effort way to do a good and charitable deed for someone else. Just make sure that its in good, wearable condition and that you have cleaned out the pockets.

Get your whole office involved in collecting coats.  Once you have your pile of coats ready to go, contact local shelters, homeless charities, YMCA’s, Foodbanks and other organisations that will happily take them off your hands.  Arrange a drop off with them directly, take some photos for PR purposes and don’t forget to send the photos to us too and we will help promote your good deed.  There are many agents around the country already doing this.




An example of a really good initiative is Calling London Coat Drive, they make sure that coats collected get to Londoners who could do with something warm to wear.  They collect clean, unwanted coats that are still in good condition, then sort and redistribute them to charities across London.  They, in turn, hand them out to those Londoners who need them.  The donated coats are not sold, simply given out.

Another company going great guns in collecting coats is Embrace Mortgage Services; each member of staff has donated an old coat.  They now have staff getting their family and friends to donate as well. Just coats that are no longer used that’s all. From 58 staff they are now up to 100 coats.

Relocation Agent Network Members have contributed over 50 coats so far!









Download your Donate a Coat How to Guide here.

Send in your photos of your coat collections to


Sarah Lunn and the team
from CJ Hole Burnham-on-Sea



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