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The Rightmove Fund


Rightmove have launched a £100,000 fund help support the fundraising activities of all agents and home builders.

The grant has been set up to offset the costs of setting up an event so maximum fundraising can be donated to charity

  • It is a cross industry initiative encompassing letting agents, estate agents, house builders and developers.
  • Agents Giving is managing the scheme on behalf of Rightmove
  • The Home Builders Federation are joining forces to help manage and distribute the fund and to ensure that this is a truly cross industry initiative
  • ARLA/NAEA is supporting the initiative. They are already key supporters of Agents Giving.

Watch Rightmove’s video to find out more:

In 2016, together with all our supporters, we donated to over 80 charities. In 2017 we want to beat that, so get in touch and add your charity to the list.

For more information e-mail

See agents who have been awarded a Rightmove grant

Or to apply for a grant of up to £1000 please complete the following information and we will be in touch!

Zoe Ryder, sales negotiator at Sowerbys, who has benefited from the grant, said: “Over the past six years I have been raising money for Dereham Cancer Care and Macmillan Cancer after my brother was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 29.

“Sadly he passed away at 35, but he has left us a legacy, the annual Lee Parker Memorial Dance. The dance is held in our local village hall, with the Lee Vasey Band performing. To stage an event like this has a lot of upfront costs and this is where the Rightmove Grant has helped us.

“In the past Rightmove has helped us raise money by donating goods for the raffle, but when I spoke to our account manager and told him about the dance, he introduced me to the Rightmove Grant.

“It was easy to apply for, and we were given a significant amount of money towards the event. The grant helps pay for the venue and the band, meaning that more money raised can go to our charities, and this year we will be giving back to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, as well as our two charities.

“The money raised has a huge impact on our charities and over the years we have raised over £12,000. This year, we hope to beat our record and raise over £5,000 alone for Dereham Cancer Care. This money will then help pay the rent and heating costs for the centre next year, meaning that all other funding raised by the charity or other fundraisers can be spent on other services, which has supported families like ours. We are extremely thankful for Agents Giving and Rightmove who have support us with fundraising, the grant has helped us to help others.”