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18 Jun 2020

Do something great – join us for Agents Giving Day on Thursday 18th June by collecting food items and donating onto your local food bank.

In 2019 over 22,000 items of food were donated to food banks across the country, we need your help to collect even more this year.

You can help by;

  • Collect items & donate onto your local food bank
  • Act as a collection point – extend the collection further with your office acting as a local collection point for your food drive inviting your local community to also donate, collect up all items to donate to your local food bank
  • Consider volunteering your time to help sort the items you have collected at the food bank
  • Don’t forget to count your food items for the final tally & send us a photo of your collection

You can all get involved with Agents Giving Day and help to make a difference to families in your local community who need a helping hand from the food bank.

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