Agents Giving are proud to support The Trussell Trust, the UK Foodbank Network to help tackle poverty in the UK

The Trussell Trust runs a network of over 428 foodbanks, giving services like money advice, holiday clubs and cookery courses, helping support people in crisis across the UK, where thirteen million people live below the poverty line.

In the last year they gave 1.6 million three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis, half a million went to children. New national data highlights the growing proportion of foodbank referrals due to benefit levels not covering the costs of essentials, such as housing and food.

Individuals are going hungry every day for a range of reasons, from benefit delays to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income.

The Trussell Trust recognise that stopping hunger is about More Than Food, which is why they work with foodbanks to provide a range of services like money advice and Fuel Banks, helping people to break the cycle of poverty.

How you can get involved

  • Find your local Foodbank – find out what items they need, this can be found on their web page, email or call to check before donating
  • Deliver to a collection point – direct to local foodbank, supermarket, church, or organise you own local collection point in your office
  • Volunteer – donate your time to help out, collecting food, sorting, packing or making tea, provide a friendly face to those who need it
  • Fundraise – plan a fundraising event to raise funds for The Trussell Trust central support fund supporting all foodbanks, working on expanding the additional services available to help tackle the issues that cause poverty to help clients overcome this. Get a Tea for Trussell pack to host a tea party
  • We can even help with your set up costs with a Agents Giving Grant Fund, so more of the money you raise goes direct to The Trussell Trust
  • Regular Donation – payroll giving, direct debit or standing order
  • Partner with your local Foodbank – through fundraising, sponsoring or donating equipment or by sharing skills that the foodbank might benefit from
  • Newsletter – Sign up to receive regular news and updates from The Trussell Trust click here
  • Share – tell us what you are planning and we can help promote your good deed or event; Agents Giving: #agentsgivingFacebook
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Samantha Lane, Head of Fundraising, said

“Thanks to Agents Giving for linking local estate agents to foodbanks across the UK. and for encouraging them to support Our foodbank network.  Foodbanks rely on local businesses like estate agents to help them deliver vital services within their communities and break the cycle of poverty so a huge thank you from us all at Trussell Trust.”

Please do what you can to help your local foodbank to give emergency food and support to people in crisis now in your communities. This is a real problem people are facing so please do all you can to help make a difference.

Send in any photos of your food parcel collections or fundraising, let us know how you are planning to help and we can help you promote it. You can even apply for a Agents Giving Grant to help with any fundraising set up costs, so more of the money you raise goes direct to your local Foodbank or The Trussell Trust.

Please note that local foodbanks are very busy and mostly run by volunteers, please contact them direct through their email, which can be found on their web page or call before donating. In some instances you might be able to organise a visit to the foodbank to deliver your parcel donation. They may be able to come along to your offices to tell you a bit more about the great work they do, or give you a call back to discuss how best you can get involved.

Case Studies

Agents are already doing a wonderful job supporting their local foodbanks.

Paramount Foodbank Support

A great example of how you can become involved with your local foodbank is that of Paramount in West Hampstead.

The Paramount Collective is an initiative in place to help and support as many different initiatives and causes as possible over 12 months. However there is one charity they support regularly – The Brent Foodbank. Paramount don’t think it is right that there are people living in our communities without enough food so they do everything they can to help the Brent Foodbank collect essential goods.

Throughout the year the Paramount office acts as a collection point for collections which are then made onto the Brent Foodbank.  Thousands of food and non food items which they are in desperate need of are donated.

This year the Paramount office has acted as a drop-off point, so people in the local area can deliver non-perishable goods.

“As the need for Foodbanks has increased across the UK, we’ve recognised that we must pull together as a community to help in every way we can. Paramount has proudly supported Brent Food Bank for the past few years, donating time, money and food at every opportunity. With the support of Agents Giving, we hope more and more agencies can get behind their local food banks and really help those in need.”
Spencer Lawrence, Director of Lettings.

“We are thrilled to be supported by Paramount, and for Agents Giving who will be campaigning for us. Last year we saw a 61% increase in the numbers accessing the service, with 953 food supplies going to children last year alone. As the need increases, we are even more thankful to generous people in the community who sustain the food bank and the necessary work it does helping people in crisis.”
Michelle from Brent Food Bank

Thank you for supporting this very important cause.

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