All about eXp.uk

A network of personal estate agents

 At eXp UK, we work with personal agents all over the country, who offer a bespoke & personal moving experience for buyers and sellers alike.

 Regardless of where you’re moving within the UK, or abroad, we have a personal agent who can help and advise you whatever your circumstances.

 eXp UK has its roots across the pond, having been founded in 2009 and is considered one of the fastest-growing estate agency businesses in the history of the world, due to its approach to estate agency and the autonomy it gives to its agents to provide a service, which is personalised to you.

 The architect of eXp in the UK, is Adam Day, who saw how it could help estate agents to deliver a more personal and one-to-one service to home movers like you. Adam brought eXp to the UK in April 2019, having been previously the pioneer of the ‘online estate agency’ model back in 2006, with the company he originally founded, Hatched.co.uk. 


Lucrative Commission

As a self-employed estate agent with eXp, we pay you a minimum of 70% of the fee you generate with your client (and up to 99%), which means you don’t have to continually chase volume, and instead, you can spend more quality time with your clients.

Stock Awards

As an eXp agent, we reward you with stocks & shares at eXp World Holding, meaning you become a co-owner with every other agent in the business.