Kristjan Byfield

Representing Base Property Specialists and The Depositary

Kristjan (it's Icelandic) has been in the property industry for 20 years and is the co-founder of base property specialists and The Depositary. You can often find him all over social media sharing his knowledge and experience on industry webinars and whilst he has taken part in Agents Giving before (anyone remember his performance of Uptown Funk?) this is his first time donning dancing shoes. A brief stint as a professional actor before he started his property career should help him sell the performance at least! 

Katy Poore

Representing Thomas Morris

I’m really looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I’ve never done anything like this and have a complete lack of natural rhythm. I’m extremely competitive though so it will be interesting.

Danielle Lanthier

Representing Paramount Properties

I signed up for this challenge for two main reasons. The first - I wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone. I've always wanted to learn how to dance this way, and what better incentive than a looming competition in front of all of your colleagues and industry peers!? The second - Agents Giving is a charity we at Paramount continue to support for its fantastic work and we'll get involved in any way we can. It'll be great to share this commitment with the lovely people who signed up (I hope they're as equally terrified as I am), and hopefully, we'll raise some good money for charity! 

Suzanna Mavity

Representing Acaboom

I’ve never been a dancer, I’m more of a sit at home and eat Terry’s chocolate orange kinda girl.  However, when it comes to charity I’m prepared to get off my ass and do stuff!  Having recently climbing Kilimanjaro, I needed a new focus… ladies and gentlemen this is it, come and watch me attempt to dance for charity at Agents Giving!

Natasha Sugarman

Representing Drivers & Norris

Natasha has always worked within fast-paced and challenging environments, she is keen to sink her teeth into a new experience especially one which is for a great cause.
Natasha started her career as a top-performing Lettings Negotiator where she progressed into a role within Property Development, specifically Land Buying. Natasha now oversees the operations at Drivers & Norris and is the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director.  Natasha is extremely excited to participate and dust off her old dancing shoes!

Manuela Daniels

Representing Thomas Morris

The reason I volunteered is because I love dance so much and I throughout my life have tried different styles - it would be amazing to learn the discipline of dancing with a professional dancer.

Bernadette Sheridan

Representing PayProp

The reason I have entered is as someone who has been in the agency world for in excess of twenty years - I want to support Agents Giving who do such a fantastic job in supporting the Estate Agency world in Charitable work.

Jason Kelly

Representing X1

I've signed up for Agents Do Strictly for two reasons, I need professional assistance to get past my two left feet, and to raise money for an amazing cause! I'm very competitive so I look forward to pushing myself. Who knows, now that Oti Mabuse has left Strictly there is a vacancy for a new professional to step up and take the Glitter Ball trophy, watch this space...

John Young

Representing Drivers & Norris

After supporting many different Agents Giving events, I felt it was yet again time to challenge myself and provide some comedy for both those taking part and those watching and supporting. I’m looking forward to showing everyone it’s possible to do ballroom dancing at three times the speed of light. Plus I’m looking forward bringing home the Agents Do Strictly trophy come July.

Robert May

Tone-deaf and rhythmically challenged, whilst some people have a natural rhythm and an ear for music, I have neither. I did however put a lot of effort into learning to dance so I could fulfil a promise to my wife I would dance with her on the Queen Mary, to mark her retirement from teaching children with Special Educational Needs. I’m not a naturally outgoing or a networker so dancing in front of an audience is a personal challenge.

Agents Giving Strictly Dancing Charity Competition 2022



Having taken part in this process, back in 2017, I can wholeheartedly say that these brave bunch have their work cut out.  Professional dancers expect a lot and are used to dancing with other professionals, so they work you hard.  I have to say that all of the team at Wright Rythmn in Enfield are AMAZING and have so much patience and teaching ability, but that doesn’t mean they just let you coast along at your own pace!

I absolutely loved taking part in this charity event and will be heading along to training classes to watch (and envy) as the new contenders are put through their paces.  I wish every one of them all of the luck and support they require, hope you don’t get sore toes (I had a broken toe for 3 months of my classes, so I know what pain that is) and I urge all of you to support these crazy and wonderful people!


Jane Gardner

Glitter Ball Trophy Winner 2017