They want to make a difference

The team at College and County Letting Agents in Oxford want to make a difference! They have partnered up with the charity Connection Support who provide accommodation and safe places for people in difficult positions and troubled backgrounds.

Connection Support works alongside people to help them to deal with the challenges that life can throw at you.  They support and equip a person to build a better life, be independent, manage their money, navigate benefits, keep a roof over your head and avoid homelessness.



Running a 1000 kilometres

Organiser of the 1000 kilometre run, Lewis Stacey comments “How many times do you walk past that person on the street with no place to go, with no food or money and you just carry on with your day without a second thought”

College and County will be running a 1000 kilometres all through January to match the £1000 goal they have set to raise for their great cause.  You can follow their progress on their social media

Read and view Connection Support's amazing work

Please take time to look at the link below which takes you to Connection Support website and read about the amazing work that Connection Support do.

We appreciate all the support you can give, no matter how big or small it may be.