The Worlds Longest Walk

Grisdales are pleased to have completed their challenge of walking the world’s longest uninterrupted walk in just over 5 months on 6th September and would like to take this opportunity to thank Agents Giving for their contribution towards our donation pot.

Collectively they have racked up 14,771 miles across the board which equates to just short of 29 million steps. They have travelled from Cape Town to Magadan ‘virtually’, plus a little bit more and donated £100 for each 2,000 mile checkpoint we reached.  Grisdales clients, team members and charities/causes were able to submit nominations for their donations and they are pleased to have supported:

  • Northlakes Foodbank – they photographed and put on their website
  • Cockermouth Community Hospital League of Friends
  • Owl Blue of Maryport
  • East Croft Grange Care Home, Scaw Road, High Harrington

They are in the process of finalising the final donations to:

  • Calvert Bear 5 Peak Challenge
  • Greyhound Trust
  • Hospice at Home West Cumbria


Collectively they have racked up 14,771 miles across the board

They started on 1st April and have until 31st December to complete it.  So far they have logged 1147 Miles and a little ahead of schedule.  They are keeping themselves motivated with updates and quizzes along the way – a sweepstake to see who’s closest to the actual date they finish the walk – and this week they’re running an anagram game based upon the name of the National Park in Botswana that they will be walking through.

Supporting the local community every 2,000 miles

Team Grisdales aim is to complete this ‘virtual walk’ as a team by the end of 2021… 14,764.4 miles in total!

Every time team Grisdales reach a 2,000-mile checkpoint, they will donate £100 to a local cause.

You can contact Grisdales here to let them know which cause deserves this donation and why! #Community #TeamGrisdales

Grisdales applied for an Agents Giving & the Guild of Property Professionals grant fund, we wish them every success in their amazing challenge.