Martin Curry and a team of 7 from the Henry Adams Development Land & Planning in Chichester are heading to the Isle of Wight on June 28 where they’ll be cycling 70 miles around the island to raise funds for St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

The group are hoping to raise more than £1,700. 

“The route is both on and off-road and unfortunately it’s quite hilly in some places so it’ll be quite tough – although we’re hoping to have the wind at our backs,” said Martin. “We want to raise as much as possible so the fantastic team at St Wilfrid’s Hospice can continue their great work helping local people in their time of need.”

St Wilfrid’s Hospice is an independent local charity which relies on donations for its everyday running costs from medical equipment to electric bills, and requires around £7.7m each year, so every pound counts.

More information can be found at 

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