We're running a guess the house value raffle

Johnathan Moult and the team at Merryweathers Rotherham are taking part in the annual Rotherham show event on 3rd September 2022. They  have a 5m x 5m plot and have lots of free give aways to children and people who stop to talk with them at the show

They are also supporting Rotherham Hospice by running a guess the house value raffle, the raffle will be free to enter although they will encourage a donation per entry, anyone can also donate through the day and every penny will go top the charity.


Looking for a grant to buy another prize

Jonathan comments “We already have a deluxe hamper prize which we have paid for and we are looking for a £250 grant to buy another prize to encourage as many people to take part as possible, the prize which we will buy with the grant is a Blink smart home camera system as this links the prize to our industry”.

Agents Giving and The Guild of Property Professionals are delighted to support with a grant.  We wish you a great fundraising day.