If you know Michael, you'll know he is a bright star in so many people's lives

Adam Mackay, Managing Director of Mackay Property Agents, Essex has reached out to the industry to help the recovery of their sales negotiator Michael Brett, who on his first family holiday with his fiancée, her family, and their baby boy, suffered a terrible accident.

Adam Mackay comments “I am proud to have Michael beside me at work and in life. If you know Michael, you’ll know that he is a bright star in so many people’s lives.

He is a free spirit, bringing so much joy and laughter to many and is always so positive and generous with his time. If you need someone to have a deep and meaningful conversation with, Michael is without a doubt, the one to talk to.

He is an incredible human being, an awesome friend, a perfect son, a fantastic brother, a loving fiancé, and a doting father to his baby boy.

Sadly, while on his first family holiday with his fiance, her family, and their beautiful baby boy, Michael had a terrible accident.

Michael is a fighter, he will give this his all to recover

This life threatening accident left Michael fighting for his life in a Spanish hospital.  Michael is getting the best care. He is a fighter and everyone close to him can see that he’s fighting to stay with us. For those of you who know Mike, he does not like to lose, he will give this all he has. We have faith that Michael will pull through to continue his wonderful life with his family.

A huge contribution to Michael’s start in his recovery has been the amazing love, kind thoughts and wishes, shared by so many which we know Michael can feel and help him in his battle to pull through and be with us again. We will post updates on the fundraising page to keep all his friends, loved ones, colleagues, clients, and industry friends updated.

Thank you endlessly for your support”. Adam Mackay Mackay Property & Mackay Bespoke.

My brother truly has made the world a better place.

Adam decided to set up a page to raise money to help Michael’s family pay for travel, accommodation and medical costs that will come with Michael’s recovery.

Michael and his family would be so grateful for any donations that will help with this inevitably costly road ahead. This will mean that Michael’s family can stay by his side for as long as he needs to recover.

Dan, Mikes brother comments “My brother Mike is the light of my life. He is the strongest, most kind, compassionate person I have ever met. I love my brother more than anyone in the world.

Growing up, we didn’t always get on, people would say to us ‘you’ll be best friends when you’re older’ and we both thought, nah, defo not. But growing up knowing the headstrong, sure-of himself man he is today, I am honoured, truly honoured, to be able to call Michael my brother.

My brother is and should be a shining light of inspiration, a role model, a muse to us all. It is evident that he has had a profound impact on the people that meet him, evidence of this is shown by the lengths people will go to for my brother. He truly has shaped the world through the people that have met him, and have taken a part of him and spread that through their own thoughts and actions”.

Agents Giving  and The Guild of Property Professionals wish Michael a speedy recovery.

Updates.  August 16, 2022by Adam Mackay, organiser.

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support for my brother. The donations, prayers and well wishes have helped us as a family tremendously.

This is the hardest, scariest thing any of us have ever dealt with in our lives.Adam MacKay Supporting Michael with Agents Giving Grant Fund

When we first spoke to the doctor, we were told that Michael had a 2% survival chance. Being the opportunist that he is, he ran with that 2%.

Michael died in hospital multiple times, was resusitated and was in a coma for two days. He had a tube in the throat to help him to breathe.

We are overjoyed to say that he is making a miraculous recovery so far, but still has a very long road of recovery ahead.

Michael is now awake and slightly lucid. He is now talking and moving his body. At times he is very confused and his memories are jumbled. His main priority is remembering his relationship with his fiancée and son, which he is fighting very hard for.

Michael is naturally a patient person (as most of us know) and understands that this journey of recovery will be a long one.

We have told our confused Michael about the money raised, thoughts spared and prayers sent and he has expressed extreme gratitude. He wants to thank everyone for giving him a fighting chance, and us, his family, would like to thank you all also.

You have all helped to save a soul that is too precious to take.

Thank you so much – Michaels brother, Dan.