Charity football match old boys vs current team

Dan Westwood Senior Sales Consultant at Nicol and Co has a good friend in her early 30’s who is the mother of 2 young children and is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.  Dan comments “They live in a small town with a strong community.  Although a long way to go she is responding well to chemo and her outlook is unbelievable”.

Ten years ago Dan helped to set up a local football team to stay in touch and that team still play today, so they have organised (COVID secure) current team vs old boys match on 13th June 2021

Needles to say they will need a lot of water breaks.


Their aim is to raise as much cash as possible

Matt Nicol founder of Nicol and Co has kindly donated £500 to help kit the team out.  Dan is looking for donations from businesses for the raffle that will be held on 13th June, kick off 11.30am at the charity football match with all old players vs current players.  Dan comments “Needless to say us old boys are going to need some water breaks!!”

Their aim is to raise as much cash as possible as well as raise awareness! As Lucy would say “check your boobs” they hope to see as many people there as possible!

Please contact Dan for tickets £5

Agents Giving are proud to support such a great cause, we wish you the best for your fundraising match.