We're still in training for the rescheduled cycle challenge

Due to the pandemic, Lisa and Brendan Kay have had to reschedule the 150 mile two day cycle challenge for 22nd – 23rd August 2020.  Lisa and team have taken to their bikes all through the lockdown to exercise and to keep in training for their big challenge.

Agents Giving wish you all the luck for the miles in front of you, for such an amazing cause.

Parkers Whitney taking to their bikes to raise funds for Oxford Children's Hospital

This year Parkers have set themselves the challenge to raise the final £1 million to fit out and furnish the new 62 bedroom Ronald McDonald House at Oxford Children’s Hospital. In 2020 they will open the doors to a new purpose built 62-bedroom Ronald McDonald House. It will provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families with seriously ill children in Oxford Children’s Hospital.  As well as en suite bedrooms, accommodating up to four people, the House will have large kitchens, dining areas, laundry rooms, lounges, a garden and children’s playroom. The Make our Oxford House a Home appeal will fund the final fit out and furnishings for the new House. They will create an environment that is homely and where families can stay together in comfortable rooms, close to their child in hospital. The Make our Oxford House a Home appeal will open the doors to a Ronald McDonald House that meets the needs of hundreds of more families from across the region each and every year.  

Lisa Kay organising a two day 150 mile bike ride

Amongst other fundraising events, Brendan and Lisa Kay of Parkers Witney are organising a two day, 150 mile bike ride that passes by each of the 13 Parkers offices, as well as the Ronald McDonald House next to Oxford’s John Radcliff hospital, to help add to the big fundraising effort.

Lisa is planning to start Day One at Parkers Stroud and finish at the John Radcliffe hospital, hopefully being treated to a tour of the new Ronald McDonald House. Day Two will start from Oxford or near by and finish at Parkers Tadley.  Approximately 150 miles in total. They have 10 cyclists taking part on the bike ride which will be on the 18/19 April 2020.