Scott is a non-cyclist so its going to be tough

Property Professional Scott Gunn at eXp_UK  has decided to ride his bike from Margate to Edinburgh. It’s a journey of around 600 miles and Scott has allowed 7 days, so on average he will cycle circa 85 miles per day. Scott comments “I’m a non-cyclist so this really is going to be tough.    The money raised will specifically be going to the Evelina ward for Cardiology Funding at St Thomas Hospital.

I have chosen to support this charity as 12 years ago when my wife was pregnant with our daughter we had a scare. Our local hospital told us during a routine scan that our daughters heart was not functioning properly. They ran some tests and confirmed that she would likely not survive birth, if she did they said she would be on an oxygen machine for a short life”.

I don't even have a road bike yet!

“We were rushed to St Thomas’ Hospital in London for a 2 hour scan with some very high tech machines and were told to our relief that our daughters heart was fine.

As incredibly grateful as we were, it came with a sense of guilt as we left the hospital as we could see many other children and families in far more dire situations. Not likely to be receiving the good news we had.

With that in mind I’ve always wanted to do something to support the hospital and give a little bit back to show some gratitude for the care they gave us that day.

Any help or support you guys can offer will be gratefully received. Any grant money you can donate will go direct to the charity as I plan to fund the trip myself and expect that to be over £1000. 

I don’t even have a road bike yet so if anyone has one gathering dust in a garage that would be useful too”.

Agents Giving & The Guild of Property Professionals are delighted to support such a great charity.