Daniel Stephenson from Venture Properties is cycling from Durham to Edinburgh (216miles). The event is supporting Renewable World, whose initiative is to help create a better world, where renewable energy is readily accessible to all, helping to end extreme poverty and reduce climate change.  The reason Daniel is interested in this project is the sharing of technology to make such huge advantages to others around the world. Solar energy can make a big difference to lots of people for a small amount of money. Below are some key facts and examples of where donations go and what positive changes you will make.

  • £10 Could give a fisherman living on the shores of Lake Victoria access to solar power for a year, allowing them to refrigerate their fish and demand a fair price.
  • £25 Could provide two families in Nepal with access to solar-pumped water for a year, available from a tap stand located right outside their home.
  • £51 Could pay for the wiring and fittings needed for a house to receive electricity for the first time from a community-owned and managed solar microgrid.
  • £120 Could pay for a tap stand to be installed outside 10 family homes, saving the women and girls in those families precious hours each day on water collection.
  • £500 Could provide one community in Nepal with agricultural training and tools, helping them increase their income by growing cash crops, and benefiting up to 500 individuals.

Please, if you can, sponsor me it would be greatly appreciated. Use this link and see below what your donation can help towards. 

The Agents Giving grant fund exists to help towards the setup costs of agent’s fundraising events, therefore maximising fundraising so more of the money you raise goes directly to your chosen charity.

The grant is for agents and suppliers to the industry to help with their event set up costs, it is not a direct charity donation. Grant requests should be made in advance of your fundraising event. Grants of up to £250 per office per year will be considered and will need to fulfil Agents Giving criteria.

Applicants will be given the Agents Giving logo to use in their marketing and PR. Agents Giving will require a summary of your fundraising event along with a photo to help with the promotion of your event. Fundraising events for UK charities only, the charity registration number must be supplied prior to funds being sent.

To apply for a grant please complete the application form below and the team will be in touch.